What kind of hair is utilized as a part of your hair expansions?

To add amazing body to thin air and a good length to the short air we use 100% human hair extensions.Our air extensions are study and flexible because we only utilize 100% pure human hair.Extensions that we use are able to withstand dyes, curling irons, permanents and flat irons.

To what extent will my extensions last?

With good and appropriate care, your extensions are likely to stay for quite some time.These extensions should be regularly groomed, conditioned and washed any real hair.

What is Remy's hair? Are all your extensions Remy?

Remy is the best quality level of hair extensions. It's the most noteworthy quality in the market. Since the hair cuticles are kept in place, this gives Remy hair extensions a sound, sparkling and smooth appearance.

What is Virgin hair? Are all your extensions Virgin?

Virgin hair is that hair that has never been artificially treated by colors, bleaching, perms or straightening.You will notice that Virgin hair is more costly than other hair in light of the quality. It is solid hair that can withstand treatments of chemicals. Just hair named "Virgin" ought to be viewed as Virgin extensions.

Is there a contrast among Virgin and Remy hair?

This is the manner by which it works. Remy hair can be grouped into two classes: non-virgin and virgin. Virgin Remy hair is that hair which has never been chemically processed or treated while non-virgin Remy hair is that hair that has undergone some kind of chemical procedures to change the style and color.

How do I distinguish human hair from synthetic hair?

Because of the common protein in human hair, there is an exceptionally bad smell after burning it. this hair emits white smoke also. You may likewise see that human hair may have scanty silver hair or split finishes.on the other hand synthetic hair will emit black smoke and will also form a shape of a ball after burning.

Care and Use of Hair Extensions

Can they be straightened, curled or tonged?

Since it's human hair, our extensions can be twisted and fixed as well. Actually, this is the most appropriate method to tell that you've been sold human hair.

Can hair extensions withstand dyes and colors?

The answer is yes, but always remember that darkening is easier than lightening and also hair that has been bleached will call for extra care.

Can I wash and blow dry my extensions?

It is advised that your condition and shampoo your extensions the same as your natural hair.To prevent them from damage when hair drying always go for low- setting but is best to allow them air dry.Since these extensions do not receive the same nourishment as your natural hair, it is good to regularly treat and maintain them.

How often should I wash my extensions?

These hair extensions are normally washed twice a week like normal human hair.

How do I know I’m choosing the correct color?

If you are uncertain of the right shading, please refer to our shading chat. Note that you'll need to choose a shading that nearly coordinates the center and closures of your hair and not a new development.

Ordering and Shipping

How do you pay for your order?

There are several payment methods we use to make shopping with us easy and convenient. The methods include the use of credit cards, western union and bank transfers, and the use of PayPal. Any further information regarding payments you should contact us.

Can payments be made through PayPal with my credit card?

This option is possible as you will be directed to the PayPal website and then redirected to give out your credit card details.

Our prices are quickly adjusted based on inventory, trends and customers demand since we are an online business. The policy we have put in place is no refund is made for any differences in the buying price.

How long does it take to process an order?

Your order is processed and shipped that very day you have placed an order. For the items that may be out of stock, your order can delay for up to 2-3 days.

Do you guarantee on-time delivery?

All we can give is the estimated delivery date since it is the post office that handles all the shipment. For urgency, you are advised to place your order within at least 4 days of the day you need the item.

Are there hidden charges on my order?

The final cost may be a bit different for in case there is exchange rate of currency. This price is normally less than .o5% of the advertised price. It’s only the cost of the item and shipment costs that you are supposed to pay.

What if my order delivery has been delayed?

Some of the possible delay reasons can be due to natural calamities, holidays and issues with the post office. From our side, we do all that we can to ensure the item arrives on time and within a normal business day.