Bonus Point

Q: What is a bonus point?

A: This an exclusive customer program that entitles customers to bonus points when they purchase items from our website either from a mobile device or a PC. The points are received upon completion of a successful transaction. This points will be applied to the future purchases of the customer.

Q: How do I get a bonus point?

A: There are so many ways to earn points

1. Buy and Save

For every dollar you spend, you will earn one point. You will alternatively earn a point if your purchase is less than a dollar.

2. Registration/Open an Account

You will automatically earn 200 points for successful account opening with

3. Sign In

You will earn points every time you log in to your account. But the limit login bonus points is 5 each day.

4. Review Our Products

You will earn points by writing and submitting reviews for our products. Each review will earn you 10 points. The limit each day is 20 points here.

Q: How do I accumulate and use my bonus points?

A: This points can be used to pay for up to 30% of your purchase at checkout. 200 points are equivalent to one dollar. If by chance you cancel your order or return it for one reason or the other, your points will not apply to your purchase.